St Thomas of Acon - Province of Wessex

RWGP Provincial Address 2018

Christmas Greetings from our Grand Preceptor Sir Ian of Widcombe

 This year has been a very positive one for the Province, that despite my illness, the Right Eminent Provincial Grand Prior Sir David (Carter) of Cadbury Heath PGAlm and Executive Members have been able to demonstrate their qualities in leadership in carrying out their individual responsibilities, allowing me as much space as possible. I take this opportunity to thank those Knights who are able to support the Grand Masters Council, Pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral, Grand Preceptor’s Council in June and Lady Ann myself at the annual Charity Luncheon. A big thank you to all those Sir Knights who wrote to me with words of support and encouragement as I have received the all clear subject to regular checking.

 During ‘Advent’, it is right that we, as Christian Knights of the Commemorative Order of St Thomas of Acon, should reflect on what has passed. We give thanks to God for the blessings we have received and look forward, in anticipation, to the Celebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ; that wonderful gift of love, by putting on the “Armour of Light” and remembering those members who are suffering through ill health or bereavement.

 On my behalf, my Right Eminent Provincial Grand Prior and the Executive of the Province of Wessex, I send you our very Best Wishes for Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. We thank you for your support of the Order for what has passed and with anticipation, for what is to come, so that together we may continue to flourish as a Province of this Order.

Due to ongoing medical treatment our Grand Preceptor Sir Ian of Widcombe was unable to attend the 2018 GPC.

Sir David of Cadbury Heath delivered the following address on his behalf after giving an update of Sir Ian’s condition and asking us to keep him in our prayers:

May I take this opportunity to thank all the Chapels in the Province and whose which we have visited throughout the other provinces for the very kind way which you greeted both Ian and myself, it has always been very much appreciated.

I am delighted to see all the Chapels in such good heart, and the reports from the Worthy masters of each of the Chapels I believe reflects this, we are by nature a small order with limited meetings per year, but despite a general decline in masonic membership, we as an order still seem to be growing.

As your Provincial Prior you know that I rarely get the opportunity to say or do anything during our meetings, some might say that’s a good thing, but it does afford me the opportunity to observe, not necessary to criticise but to take stock, my music teacher would say if you want to succeed, you must practice, for practice makes perfect, to my knowledge only one chapel has regular meeting to practice its ritual and it shows in there meetings and a would urge all chapels to consider this.

An additional meeting per year to accomplish this is a small price to pay for excellence and the reward is well worth it.

To those officers which I have had the pleasure to invest today on behalf of our Grand Preceptor may I take this opportunity of congratulating you on your preferment and I do hope that you will enjoy your year in office, and I look forward to seeing you in your new roles on our visits.

To those of you who have served the province over the last year our grateful thanks for all your efforts it has been very much appreciate and much enjoyed.

To our visitors today may I take this opportunity again to thank you for giving your valuable time to our province it has been a delight to see you all and look forward to visiting you in the future.

I am not quite sure what else our Grand Preceptor would wish me to have said at this juncture but I quite sure he will remind me later, I will however remind you all the upcoming Charity Luncheon to be held here in October, it is a day well worth the visit and it is of course in aid of Canterbury Cathedral.

Not forgetting of course, the Grand Master Council on the 29th December at Little Over Derby.

To you all may I thank you for your attendance today and all your support and your good wishes

Sir David of Cadbury Heath - Provincial Grand Prior