St Thomas of Acon - Province of Wessex

Toast List


  1. The Commemoration (to be drunk silently, seated and with the left hand). "To the Pious Memory of St. Thomas à Becket and the Glorious Memory of the Knights of the Order who fought in the Crusades"

  2. The Queen.

  3. The Most Worthy Grand Master

  4. The Most Eminent Grand Prior and the rest of Grand Officers, present and past

  5. The Right Worthy Grand Preceptor

  6. The Right Eminent Provincial Grand Prior, and the rest of Provincial Grand Officers, present and past

  7. The Worthy Master

  8. The newly Installed Knight(s)

  9. The Visitors (if in attendance)

  10. The Sentry's Toast: "To our next Merry Meeting"

*All Mandatory except 8 and 9 which are variable.