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Sat, 7th October 2017

Province of Wessex Charity Luncheon

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The Right Worthy Grand Preceptor (Present & Past) with their ladies at the Provincial Charity Luncheon in aid of the Canterbury Cathedral fund with the special glasses to mark the event

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Thu, 14th September 2017

New Knights at Woodspring Chapel

Picture from Priory of Woodspring Chapel meeting on the 14th September, the 2 newly installed Knights, Sir Harry of Swinton, Sir Stuart of Amport, plus our latest joining member Sir Peter of Waunlwyd, with the Worthy master Sir Alan of Heantune, the Eminent Prior Sir David of Redcar, and the RWGP Sir Ian of Widcombe and the REPGrand Prior Sir David of Cadbury Heath


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Sat, 18th June 2016

Grand Preceptors Council

The fifth Grand Preceptor’s Council for the Province of Wessex was held on a sunny day on Saturday 18th June 2016 in Nailsea Masonic Hall, Somerset. Of the forty seven Sir Knights in attendance, there were twelve visitors of which ten were Distinguished Guests from the following Provinces:

Central Midlands;    East Anglia;  East Midlands;   Greater London and South Wales

The Council was honoured with the presence of the Grand Master Elect, Sir Brian of Alrewas, RWGPrec. Central Midlands on his first visit since his election.

The Chapels of the Province were well represented as follows:       

          Reginald Fitzjocelyn Chapel No.74         – fifteen members.

          Priory of Woodspring Chapel No.97        – fourteen members.

          Richard Chaloner Chapel No.97             – eight members

          Paul Bushe Chapel No.101                   – seven members

          Chapel of King Ina No.102                   – ten members

          Saint Martin of Tours No.114                – twelve members

Following the muster role a requiem was held for Sir Alfred of Deptford PPrAsstGMar, who had been called to higher service during the previous year. After a beautiful piece of music played by the Provincial Grand Organist, Sir Barrington of Wellington the RE Provincial Grand Prior, Sir Ian of Widcombe GMA, PGBB sang the requiem.

During the Meeting the RW Grand Preceptor, Sir Harry of Benfro KC and the RE Provincial Grand Prior, dedicated the banner of Saint Martin of Tours Chapel No.114.  An escort under the direction of Sir Terence of Dryslwyn DepGMar, the Provincial Grand Marshal, paraded the banner in fine style around the Council Chamber.  Sir Ian of Camden, ProvGCel, Worthy Master of the Chapel received the banner on behalf of his Knights with pleasure.

A new team of Provincial Officers was invested, with only two members absent due to family commitments.(see list and photograph)

A sumptuous summer salad was served at the festive board and the Sir Knights departed suitably replete and with a smile on their faces.  

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Fri, 20th May 2016

Paul Bushe No 101 Installation


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Tue, 10th May 2016

Grand Master's Award to Sir Ian of Widcombe


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Fri, 15th April 2016

Recent Installations in Wessex

No 97 Photos_1.jpg

No 97 Photos_2.jpg

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Tue, 16th June 2015

A Background History of The Knights of St Thomas of Acon

"The attached paper was devised and presented by the Chapel Secretary, Sir Paul of Thurloxton ProvGHer., at the Regular Meeting of the Chapel of King Ina No.102 in Taunton on Wednesday 3rd June 2015. The subject was so well received, by the Sir Knights in attendance, that some requested a copy of the paper for themselves.  However, it is now re-produced for the information and interest of all Sir Knights of Wessex Province".

A Background History at the time of the formation of The Knights of St Thomas of Acon

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Sat, 21st March 2015

Priory of Woodspring Chapel No 97 Installation

The Priory of Woodspring Chapel No 97 where Sir Brian of Boueneville was installed as Worthy Master

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Fri, 6th February 2015

Consecration of Saint Martin of Tours Chapel

Consecration of Saint Martin of Tours Chapel No.114

The Consecration of Saint Martin of Tours Chapel No.114 took place at Wareham Masonic Hall, Howards Lane, Wareham, Dorset in the Province of Wessex on Wednesday 10th December 2014.

The Consecrating Officer was Sir Melvyn of Wud Plumpton KH, the Most Worthy Grand Master of the Order, who was assisted by Sir David of Duddeston KC, the Most Eminent Grand Prior and the following members of the Consecrating Team:

Sir Glyn of South Ferring GHer.                 -           Acting Grand Marshal

Sir William of Donisthorpe GTreas.             -           Acting Grand Secretary

Sir Alan of Foxlands GAlm.                        -           Acting Deputy Grand Marshal

Sir Richard of Bradelei GSwdB.                  -           Grand Sword Bearer

Sir Colin of Cooden PGAlm.                       -           Acting Grand Banner Bearer

Sir Raymond of Eastwood GMar.                 -           Acting Grand Herald

Sir Wayne of Lisvane GOrg.                       -           Grand Organist

Sir Christopher of Overseale GWReg.             -           Acting Grand Doorkeeper

Sir David of Epping Forest AsstGSen.            -           Acting Grand Sentry

Some 50 members of the Commemorative Order of St. Thomas of Acon, from Provinces far and wide, witnessed an excellent ceremony during which Sir Julian of Treverbyn PAsstGMar. ProvGSec., was installed as the Primus Master and Sir Paulin of Wareham as the Eminent Prior. The following officers were appointed:

Sir Brian of Melksham ProvDepGMar.,        -           Marshal

Sir Richard of Chew Magna                      -           Treasurer

Sir Ian of Camden                                 -           Secretary

Sir Robert of Boghall                              -          Deputy Marshal

Sir Ian of Widcombe PGBB. ProvGPrior      -          Almoner

Sir Peter of Waunlwyd                            -          First Working Knight

Sir Robert of Chaffcombe                        -          Second Working Knight

Sir Anthony of Ealing                             -          Third Working Knight

Sir John of Stratton                               -          Fourth Working Knight

Sir Brian of Milborne Port                       -           Herald

Sir Matthew of Wimborne ProvGHer(Gtr London) -  Organist

Sir Christopher of Kingskerswell ProvGBB  -          Doorkeeper  

Sir Jeffrey of Langley                            -          Cellarer

Sir Darran of Templeton                        -          Cellarer

Sir Wayne of Waunarlwydd ProvGSec(S.Wales)  - Cellarer

Sir Stephen of Locking Stumps PPrGSec(Lancs) -  Cellarer

Sir William of Braintree ProvGAlm.              -      Cellarer

Sir Martin of Verwood                                 -    Cellarer

Sir Garry of Illminster                                -     Sentry

Sir Terence of Dryslwyn DepGMar. ProvGMar and Sir Harry of Benfro GPrec. (Wessex) were also present making the total number of Founders to 23.

The sun shone brightly on the town of Wareham whilst 41 diners enjoyed a Consecration meal of Lamb at the festive board. Following which everyone departed with their bellies full, a smile on their faces and happiness in their hearts.

Saint Martin of Tours Consecration.jpg

Founders of Saint Martin of Tours Chapel No.114 on the day of the Consecration.

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Sat, 21st June 2014

Provincial Meeting Banner Dedication

Banner photo.JPG


It was a hot and sunny day when members and visitors gathered for the Grand Preceptor's Annual Council in June 2014.  In addition to the usual business, four banners were dedicated.  This is a colourful ceremony not often seen in 'quadruplicate'. The first banner Reginald Fitzjocelyn No 74 was brought into the Temple escorted by four bodyguards and presented to the RW Grand Preceptor of Wessex.  He called upon the Prior for an oration describing the founding and history of the Chapel name.  It was then blessed, and presented to the Worthy Master of the Preceptory. The new banner was paraded around the Temple with great pomp and dignity accompanied by a regal march and celebratory fanfare.   This was then repeated three times for the banners of Priory of Woodspring No 97, Paul Bushe No 101 & Chapel of King Ina No 102.

On this occasion the Deputy Grand Organist was playing a Wyvern Prelude digital organ, which had been brought in for the occasion.  He said afterwards he was most grateful for the knights who carried this on such a hot day, and to the architect who'd had the wisdom to install a lift at the Nailsea Masonic Centre.

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Sat, 15th March 2014

Woodspring Installation

Installation of Sir Garry of Dingwall as Worthy Master and Sir Brian of Bournville as Eminent Prior of Priory of Woodspring Chapel.

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Sun, 5th May 2013

RW Grand Preceptor breaks Ankle

Sir Harry (Ankle).jpg


I attach a photograph of me laid up in a Guest House in Ambleside, Lake District, Cumbria. I broke my left ankle whilst walking in Langdale yesterday. 

Although I was on the bottom path about 100 yards away from the car park, after a seven mile walk which had lasted 6 hours, I had to have Mountain Rescue. Three Land Rovers and eleven members attended and strapped me into a stretcher and carried me 300 yards to the waiting Ambulance and two crew. 

From there I was taken to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, where I was diagnosed with a Potts Fracture. I now have to attend my local hospital on Tuesday to see an Orthopedic Surgeon to see if I need surgery to correct my ankle. 

The accident happened in a boggy and marshy meadow, when I slipped and landed on top of my ankle - so quick and simple. 

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